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I began judging in the year 2003 and I have judged all over the world since then. I mainly judge retrievers and group 8 but I am constantly adding on new breeds. 

I've judged at many prestigious shows in USA, Australia, Japan, Brazil, England and all of Europe. 

See breeds below.

Licenced FCI judge for the following breeds:

02 Newfoundland

06 Dalmatian
06 Rhodesian Ridgeback


Licenced Group 7 Judge

07 Brittany

07 English Pointer

07 English Setter

07 German Shorthaired Pointing Dog

07 German Wirehaired Pointing Dog

07 Gordon Setter

07 Irish Red and White Setter

07 Irish Red Setter

07 Small Munsterlander

07 Weimaraner Shorthaired

Licenced Group 8 judge

08 American Cocker Spaniel

08 American water spaniel

08 Chesapeake Bay retriever

08 Clumber Spaniel

08 Curly Coated Retriever

08 English Cocker Spaniel

08 English Springer Spaniel

08 Field Spaniel

08 Flat coated retriever

08 German Spaniel 

08 Golden Retriever

08 Irish water spaniel

08 Labrador Retriever

08 Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

08 Nova Scotia duck tolling Retriever

08 Portuguese water dog 

08 Lagotto romagnolo

08 Spanish Waterdog

08 Sussex Spaniel

08 Welsh springer spaniel

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